My Book

For along time, I allowed myself to believe I was just a victim of life and circumstance. Never understanding that every step in this life lead me closer and closer to freedom. My testimony is personal, and its real. I’ve dealt with hardship, confusion and walked the trenches of my faith in more ways than I can count. And as I’ve walked through this life, I’ve learned that GOD has never been just a spectator, but someone who orchestrates every single thing, not missing one detail. This tiny book took me two years to write and when I started bringing pen to paper, I can see why. The life I lived in darkness was just a stepping stone for all the things GOD predestined for my journey. Not sure why I felt the need to write MY story as though I am different than any of you, but I did. And unfortunately, I published this book for a price and is no longer able to give it away for free. But know that I won’t be receiving royalties for a testimony I wouldn’t have without JESUS CHRIST. So, if your lead to purchase this story, just know your money is going to something way more meaningful than any word written in this book. May GOD always get the glory for being able to change even the worst of them! – Cynthia M. Benavides

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