If I had to pin point a time in my life that was the most difficult, most who know me would think it was having to live with my grandma at a young age. Some might say having to be separated from my mom, or not having my father around. Or maybe when I lost the first real child hood friend that I knew since I was 8 years old. Even though those situations made it hard to see the light at the end of the road, it was not the hardest point in my life. I would say it was trying to know who God is. I was young and most of the time sheltered. And even though i faced hardship, like every other person, i later learned that i needed to face those challenges so that i can be the person who God wants me to be. Most might ask, what benefit comes out of feeling alone or lost? What benefit comes out of loosing people in your life that meant a whole lot? Or what benefit can come from not having a father present in your life? Well if I had break down every question (before i knew God), i would say no benefit at all. It might even give me an excuse to look the other way. But now that i am growing in my relationship with Christ i can see the benefit now. Being separated from people that i love, like my mom, not only made me value time with people, but showed me that i can be independent. All those times that i felt alone or lost, made realize that i never was, i faced those obstacles alone because i didn’t know that i had God as another option. See i never knew that i had a refugee or a safe haven. Even loosing my very best friend, the one i thought knew me like no other, it broke my heart. I realized that sometimes we loose people in our life that will keep us from our purpose. I still talk to her, and i have her as one of my friends on Facebook, but she doesn’t see the value in God. She had such a huge impact on my life growing up, nothing could keep me from her. But God has plans for everything in your life, whether you can see it or not. Her opinion mattered, so had i still put all of my value in that friendship, i wouldn’t see the value in my friendship with Christ. Sometimes it takes looking back, to see what God really brought you from. All those times i was mad that my father wasn’t around, all those times i thought how much different my life would have been had he just been there. God knows that i longed for those days, those memories i could have had, but then i wouldn’t know what kind of father i had this whole time. He was answering my prayers, long before i knew how to pray. Your hardships don’t define you as a person, they make you who your supposed to be in God’s eyes. It hurts him to see us suffer, when all we need to do is ask him for help. He grieves with us in our times of hardship. So everyone reading this i challenge you to look deep down inside and question yourself… What was the hardest time in your life? What did you learn from it? What do you think God was trying to teach you? And lastly, how can your share with others, so they might be able to use it to build themselves up? I just want to finish with this last thought. There are only two ways to face hardship. 1). Alone. Or 2). With God. Being fortunate enough to have experienced both, i can definitely say that with God all things are possible. Your not alone because those are the cards life dealt you, your alone because you choose to be. But knowing the God that i serve, hes got you right where he wants you. He doesn’t make mistakes. So the next time your find yourself in a hard place, ask yourself, what is God teaching me?


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