The cornerstone that was rejected.

The thought of rejecting Jesus can make any believer doubt they ever could. (Peter thought the same)

We sometimes get so confident in our own ability to say we would never deny Him, yet we do. We say we love Him too much, or He’s done too much or my favorite; we know Him too personally we couldn’t.

I was reading over the passage where Jesus was talking to the Pharisees about the “evil farmer” and Jesus asked them what those evil farmers deserved and they answered correctly, they just couldn’t comprehend that it was them He was speaking about.

Pharisees knew scripture and had knowledge of right and wrong, yet they couldn’t grasp that Jesus Christ was who He said He was. All that knowledge and their hearts were far from Him. That made me evaluate myself and what I learned is that it wasn’t only Jesus they rejected but His authority.

Like think about it. He had authority over death, because He laid His life down and picked it up. He had authority over sin, even though He humbled Himself to be man and was still able to live sin free and blameless. He has authority over everything. Demons and evil spirits trembled knowing He was near.

He has so much authority, that we, a sinful people can operate in it as disgusting and evil as we are. In His authority we can cast out evil spirits. In His authority we can trample on the heads of snakes. By His authority we can say to a mountain move and it will. We can tell anything that is not from Him, that we won’t serve it. By His authority we are not bound.

But if we can’t understand that it’s by His authority that we do anything, we will always remain in bondage, demonized by evil spirits, never healed and never walking in freedom. Knowing the scriptures isn’t enough, if we can’t see it’s by His authority that those words bring life. It was His authority that He called Lazarus out of the grave while already dead.

We’re merely people loved by a supreme authority. They rejected the stone and He became the cornerstone. A cornerstone is a foundation. His authority is our foundation. Not by our might, but His.

Go lay hands on someone and tell them to be healed on your own ability. They will remain sick. Go tell depression or anxiety that you have a sound mind and see how you remain enslaved to a mental prison. Tell your addiction that you have will power and see how far you will go. You will remain where you are because you have no authority over anything. But see what happens when you tell yourself, that sickness, or those evil spirits that the same Spirit that raised Lazarus from the dead lives in you.

Tell that drug addiction, that depression and whatever else that binds you, that you may be weak, but the Spirit of God is strong in you. That He is a strong tower for anyone who runs to Him. That where His Spirit is, there is freedom and all that call on the name of Jesus WILL be saved. Why? Because it’s by His authority, not ours.

You know most people believe that reading the word of God is enough, but every word that is written only points to one thing and it’s not us. It’s the authority that Jesus gave all His disciples, it’s the authority He not only had but walked out every single moment.

So, it’s not just Jesus you’re rejecting, it’s His authority. He’s head over all. Repent. You can’t be truly free until you acknowledge how and why you are free. You can’t operate without acknowledging how and why you can.

When I look at myself and truly examine myself, I know I fall short. But it’s by His authority that I am able to shake it off and try again. I can ask for forgiveness, I can pray to my savior, I can call out for help and understanding and wisdom because He will answer. His word never comes back void. Because His word drips with His authority whether we acknowledge it or not.

Im pleading with you not to be like the Pharisee, who knows but doesn’t understand. Don’t be like His chosen people who rejected Him. Don’t be the one who builds on sand, but rather build on a solid foundation. Say to what ever you are dealing with, that starting today, you are going to build on the cornerstone of His authority and whatever it is has to bow down to Him. And if you not only know it, but can understand by faith that it’s true, watch the devil flee from you. Believe me dear friend, it’s not you who makes him tremble, it’s the Spirit of God in you that does.

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