Fair vs Unfair

Fair by definition means “in accordance (agreement) with rules or standards.

From a Biblical perspective, fairness is determined only by God, because it’s His standards and His rules that were established before any of us were even a thought.

From a worldly perspective fairness is based off of emotional opinions and in short anything goes. You just need to have a good emotional argument and boom it goes into place until someone else feels a certain way about a topic and goes against it.

Unfair is what results when a situation isn’t equal or just.

Perspective goes a long way here. So, I thought I would do us all a favor and break it down…

If you never acknowledged God, never been in right standing with God (meaning repented of your sin AND turned away from it) and something bad happens, they pray to a God they never acknowledge and nothing happens…they blame God.

Fair is God not answering the prayer because in order for Him to hear a prayer, He has to know your voice. John 10:27. What’s unfair is blaming Him for not answering your prayer even though you are not in accordance with His rules or standards.

If you get into a relationship or marriage that you didn’t seek the Lord’s approval for and it’s the worst relationship/marriage and you question why God would allow for you to suffer in this way.

Fair is God allowing the marriage/relationship to suffer because it was never in accordance with His rules or standards. What’s unfair is expecting God to fix a relationship He never gave you the green light for in the first place.

If you have let the world raise your kids and never applied the ways of God to raising them and now they fall victim to the world and you blame or question God for not healing, delivering or releasing them from Satan’s grip.

Fair is God allowing it because your parenting was never in accordance with His rules or standards. What’s unfair is expecting Him to change or fix worldly behavior when you never applied the biblical principles.

If you die in your sin and you never gain the promises of God because you were never in accordance with God’s rules or standards. Fair is allowing us to drink from the cup of wrath that is promised to everyone who does not get in right standing with God. Unfair is you blaming a God that not only established these rules and standards to avoid all of this in the first place but ALSO was merciful enough to provide a way out of it.

It’s not the rules and standards that God has set in place that is the problem, it’s the people who want God to change and fix the results of us living a life that goes against them.

Fair is God spitting us out because of our lukewarm relationship with Him. Fair is God’s judgment for all of us alike.

What’s not fair is God sending His only son to die for people who deny and reject Him. For a people who won’t accept His rules and standards that are only in place for our benefit. What’s not fair is His grace and mercy that is given to us freely.

Not only is our perspective unfair, it’s down right blasphemous. (Which means lack of respect for God).

Just praying for anyone who reads this, one for conviction that leads to repentance and understanding that our perspective is wrong and needs to be changed. But mostly for God’s mercy for all of us. Especially in this spiritually blind world, we’re all going to need it!