That word alone can drive me nuts. I think I can speak for most when i say that you can never have too much patience. One thing God has revealed to me is that I don’t have much that. The dictionary version of patience, or as i like to say, man made interpretation is:


noun: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I think the thing i struggle most with that definition would be to accept or tolerate delay. I’m always so eager to do things, i hardly ever take the time to fully think over the situation. Whether it be with switching jobs, going back to school, or trying to join the children’s ministry for my church. I’m always ready to jump right in, no hesitation at all. But for some reason things don’t ever work out for me. Like when i decided to go back to school, they told me it would take about 9 months to be able to start. 9 months! To me, that’s a lifetime, especially when i would have quit right then and there to start that very next day. Then when i looked into it further (AFTER i was told i couldn’t) it all started sinking in, what would i even go to school for? When was i going to be able to do school with my full-time work schedule and current commitments with my church, and bible study? So i saw the bright side to waiting 9 months, now i can use those 9 months to decide what it is i would like to do as a career. See when i look at things like that, i feel like i can almost see the way God works. Sometimes things don’t work out, because its just not God’s timing for you. God knows i would of chose anything, probably would of quit and been stuck with something i don’t even enjoy doing. Or maybe worse, quit school and be in debt with student loans, for a career I’m not even pursuing. I still haven’t figured out why I am always quick to do things, and not really plan them out, but I can say i have been that way my whole life. Everything, and i mean EVERTHING i have rushed into, never worked out  for  me. And is to the point now, that God doesn’t even allow me the chance to do it, there is always a strong factor as to why i just simply can not. So let me just thank God for that right now. Lol! But in all seriousness, I need to see patience as the way God does. He’s all these wonderful things, but most importantly patient. Patient with me as a child of his, and patient with the world as a whole. So as I’m trying to learn about God and everything he really is, I’m learning things about myself. Like things i need to work on and things he expects out of me. Like being patient. Trusting in his timing. I know that God has big plans for my life, because he still answer prayers i made years ago. So I guess I can finish with the final thought, If you had to ask yourself, if you trust in God, why not trust in his timing to work in your life? Are there things that your rushed into, that were not fully planned and ended horribly? If so congratulations your just like everyone else. Lol I’m joking…But seriously, I know that God only wants your complete trust. Trust in every aspect including decisions that you make daily. You will be surprised at how much God really wants for you the very thing your heart desires. But it usually is way better than you could have hoped. So I’m going to say to you, the very thing that made me nuts;”Be patient and trust God, he wants more for you than you could ever want for yourself”.

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