Dear God

I see the world falling apart. Kids are dying, parents are crying. The world is gone. People everywhere so far away from you. So many blinded from sin, so many corrupted by our own hearts and desires. Wars are happening not only in the world, but in our minds and hearts. While all our souls hang in the distance. God I know that you see the world and everyone that you love, killing themselves. I can imagine you staring down on us grieving with and for us. I’m sorry that you have to see us not living the life you made. We suffer God, we cry for you at night when our lives are tearing us apart. Yet before you can work we back away and don’t have faith for you to turn it around. I see people with too much, and others with too little. I see them only caring about what they have and not caring that others go without. I see the children suffering for their parents mistakes God. Dying so innocent. My heart breaks when I see people I love so far away from you. My heart breaks the same for those I don’t know; those who don’t know you at all. I don’t question why bad things happen to us. Its because we choose to live a life without you. The world has always been against you. We now live according to what we have done since you created Adam and Eve. Sometimes I want to talk to everyone I know and tell them about you, the one who saves. The one who gives us hope. The one who has predestined our steps and called us. And tell them that You love us God. I don’t ever deny that. I know that you probably grieve harder for us then we know. I’m a mother, so as a parent I can understand how much you hurt for your children. I see broken people all around me God. I see their heart in pieces. their souls all scared and bruised up. And sometimes I can see those on the edge ready to give up on life altogether. Their hope is gone, their heart is hardened. So far that only you can reach them. All these innocent people at the very had of Satan. And I picture him laughing at us. What fools we are. God I know the day is coming, when you will be here freeing us from all of this. Every person will confess that Jesus is Lord. But in the mean time I pray that you are with us all. I know you are God, but i hope that you show your mercy on each one of us. Thank you God for redeeming me. For loving me for who I am. And freeing me. Thanks for seeing purpose in me. All the honor and glory go to you. A king of kings.


Your daughter.

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