Dynamic duo.

Yesterday at our “thirsty Thursday service” my pastor, Art ,talked about dynamic duos. my pastor, said that when people think of dynamic duos, they tend to think of athletes or power couples. Maybe people in the entertainment business. But He talked about Pricilla and Aqilah. They were a married couple that they were not often noticed, but they played a big part in Jesus’s Ministry.

If he would have asked me who I thought was a dynamic duo, I would have said Him and Pastor Roy. To me they are the true meaning of dynamic duo. Pastor Art is our main Pastor and Roy is our associates pastor, but together I feel as though they complete our church. Pastor Art was saying that what makes people dynamic together, is the like-mindedness. They have the same interests and goals. Well I feel as though they do. Their goal is to see king of glory (my church) succeed. They want the best for our church and they both do whatever it takes to make sure that we, as a church, have spiritual guidance and that we receive God’s message. And I really believe that they balance each other out. And because of their same goals and interests they succeed in changing people’s lives and helping them grow spiritually. King of glory as a church, is a temple of God, and Jesus presence is always there.

He also talked about how every person in the church is important. Some might not get as much recognition as others, but they are equally important. It made me feel good to be part of a church that sees us for who we are. Servants of the most high. He also stated that everything we do for God’s Kingdom is remembered by God. Even if most of it goes unnoticed. God knows and he appreciates all we do for him and our brothers and sisters in Christ. And those who have not found the Lord yet.

So I guess the point of the post is to recognize the dynamic duo in my life. And also to share the message of our service. We are all important. Nothing that we do is too small for the Lord. When we focus more on the little things that please God, it shines in big ways. We, as a church, work together to share the good news about Christ. Each of us, big or small, completes the other.

Just as each of us has one body with many members, and theses members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to the other.

Romans 12:4-5

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