Appreciation post

Dear Readers,

So as some may or may not know, but Sinners4christ is now being read in 8 countries! When I first decided to start this blog, the only intention I had was grow in my relationship with Christ and let my family and friends join on my journey. Now a year later this blog has been more successful that I ever anticipated. Just proving that God always multiplies and exceeds any expectations you have.

When I realized that my blog is now being read world wide, it was overwhelming. But now I’m in awe of what the Lord has done! All my brothers and sisters in Christ are world wide. So thank you guys for your support. I pray that God leads y’all to truth and understanding. We are all family and I love y’all very much. It’s not easy opening up and sharing your deepest thoughts, but I promised God when i started this, that i would be 100% truthful. And it would not be what it is without God’s permission. So I thank Him for that also.

You can contact me at cynthia.benavides23@gmail or find me on Twitter: Sinners4christ, Instagram: Sinners4christ, Snapchat: Sinners4christ or Facebook: Sinners4christ. I would love to know y’all and hear all about y’alls relationship with Jesus. Feel free to reach out to me. I would love to hear from y’all.


Cynthia M Benavides

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