Sin is not the worst thing you can do…

One thing that is hard to comprehend is how God is able to love us knowing that we will constantly rebel against His truth.

He never expected profection, just someone who He could hold accountable to what He was teaching.

When you look at most passages from the bible, God always brought truth (His word) to those around and with His word, it brought knowledge, which in turn brought freedom.

When the scriptures say, “where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom”, it means that those who bring His word, will set captives free. How? Because everyone believes something and it either goes with or goes against His truth. That means we either stay in bondage or break free from everything that is meant to keep us from living out the completeness of our salvation.

Jesus never over complicated His word, He just made it available to over complicated people.

When Paul talked about taking our thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ, many believe that means that you need to be able to control your every thought, which is impossible. You may be able to control what you do with each thought, but you can’t control them. You can discern each thought and compare it to His word, but you can’t control what you think.

What Paul was referring to was his ministry, which was going against everything that went against the knowledge of Christ and making it obedient to Him. (His word) How did he do that? By knowing God’s truth, obtaining knowledge and using what he learned to fight against everything that went against the Lord’s word. He even wrote to other churches and taught them what true and how things they did or believed did not line up with scripture.

What happens when things don’t line up? Sin.

Most believe that the sin is the worst thing that can happen, but being separated from God is the worst thing that can happen. Which only occurs when sin is committed. Like when Adam and Eve committed sin, God provided the knowledge of what would happen or what He was expecting and despite that, they freely chose the sin and because of that choice, they were banished from the garden and separated from God, which lead to death.

His word is what provides us with what will happen and what He’s expecting from us but the choice is still with us. Will we choose to obey and stay with God, or choose sin and be separated? The choice gets easier when the loss of being separated from Him out weighs our fleshly desire to choose our own will and be our own God.

So, an example to tie all this into what I am getting at, is those who profess to be born again, and believe its okay to still cuss and live like before you got saved is a lie. The lie is believing that its okay, the truth is it goes against what it says in Colossians 3:8 that says to put away anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy and filthy communication from your mouth. If you compared what you thought was okay, to what the bible actually says, you would see that your understanding is false. Now you can choose to either ignore and keep doing it (sin freely) and have it separate you or repent and refrain to keep your relationship with God.

The trick is being able to hold yourself accountable to everything you have learned in His word and understand that when you go against it, your going against Him. And that’s a battle you will lose every time.

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