“Thou shall not kill” no matter how well you spin it…

Here’s my stance on abortion (not open for debate either, but I always welcome correction)

This is for those who have a biblical world view. So, if you can’t suppress your emotions, how can you stand on every word written when it comes to the value of life & Jesus’s words on murder?

The world’s definition of murder is “the unlawful and premeditated killing of a life by another.

Ending someone else’s life is murder. Period.

Are there reasons that justify having one? Not one. Rape, incest, unbiblical marriage or any reason, doesn’t justify murder, it only emotionalizes and clouds sound judgment.

Doesn’t mean it’s okay, just means your hurt or reasoning has taken precedence over His word. So, you’re choosing not to give it to God.

Are those things sad and horrendous acts? Absolutely. But that truth doesn’t change God’s truth. Paul killed and persecuted Christians, but God’s glory shined through circumstances like that because his actions put His word to the test, proving that He works out everything for good. No matter how horrendous the act.

Am I saying that God will turn rape into something good? Nope. I’m saying that there isn’t anything done that God cant heal, glorify or redeem. There is not one person or incident God can’t use to break chains and bondages.

Commandments are not subject to one person’s views or beliefs, it’s a firm, non negotiable principle.

Do I think we should condemn anyone who disagrees or has had an abortion or wants one? Absolutely NOT. We are commanded to love EVERYONE, even if their views or beliefs don’t line up with the word of God.

Why? Because God provided us ALL with free will. The permission to choose for ourselves if we will follow Him or choose our own ways.

Am I saying we should remove abortion as a law? Nope. Because no one is forcing us to get an abortion. Nor can they make us. When they force us to go against God’s word directly, then rise up against it! They can make up whatever law they want, our laws have already been established and come from God Himself.

However, I do believe the law should remove our responsibility of paying taxes for abortion, since we don’t condone murder.

Anything that is forced upon us, like not being allowed to preach the word of God, not being allowed to have a Bible, not being allowed to attend service, ANYTHING that directly impacts our walk with God through force should not be ignored or accepted.

We shouldn’t be forced into paying taxes for something we stand against, in the same stance, we shouldn’t take away someones ability to choose for themselves.

Not because we agree, but because everything given to us, like free will, is given by Him. Who has the authority to take away what God has given?

Now will there be hell to pay for our choices? Absolutely. And no matter how much we think we are “standing up for God” we should always remember His word doesn’t need man’s approval, it just needs someone to uphold it.

As a believer we can stand firm on His word, and should always take a stance on the matters that go against His word. We should stand on every word written despite our own emotions or opinions because opinions don’t hold weight. We’re judged by our actions and for our intentions.

When you care more about being right, then the soul that is lost, you have missed the point.

Keep fighting the good fight! Love y’all.

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