“God, why couldn’t I just be a bird?”

“Look at the birds of the air, that they do now sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”

Matthew 6:26

I was 22 years old when I got baptized in Jesus name. When times would get hard and my new faith was being tested, I would cry out to God and tell him why couldn’t he just make me a bird. They have no purpose. No free will to choose if they want to serve God or not. They only live the way God designed them to. They don’t have their faith tested or back slide. They only live in the boundaries set by God himself. Then years later (27 years old now) I came across this scripture. For a second I laughed to myself, one because God referenced the exact animal i use to wish i could be and two i just felt silly to see a bird more valuable then myself. I guess the human nature in me just wanted the easy way out. I wanted a life given by God, that i would live out everyday until i died. Not ever realizing God already gave me that life. When I read this scripture a few thoughts come to mind. I think of how amazing God is. He created everything in the world, and not one left without a purpose. He provides even for them. To me that’s real love. To make away possible for someone or something is a direct reflection of his love. The animals have no worries. They just live how they are designed. But even though we are more valuable in God’s eyes, he takes care of them. So how much more would he do for us? The ones created in his image. The apple of his eye. How much more could he love us? It took me a few years to come to church. And though i know that he is forgiving, i still feel bad for doubting his love for me. And also doubting what he could do for my life. I felt bad for wanting the easy way out. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we are so much more than our mistakes and broken promises. We are more than our sins. We can’t see how God can see us. Half the time we lie our way out of our purpose. The very life God designed just for us. We could do that for a lot of reasons. Maybe we don’t value our selves. Maybe we think we wont amount to anything. Or feel that maybe we wont even accomplish much in life. Maybe. But when i read this scripture it tells me that God has more purpose for my life. I’m more valuable then i think. Not to worry about anything because he will provide and take care of me. So I know that if he will do that for me, your average sinner. I know that he will do the same if not more for you. His beloved. My father is such a loving and caring God. I know this because i see his love everyday. When I wake up to a new day or look outside. I see his will, love and mercy being lived out everyday. I don’t want the easy way out anymore. I just want to be who he wants me to be. I want to be more than the bird, I want to be the very life he breathed into existence. We are so much more valuable than we think.

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