Ever since I was a little girl, I have always felt different than everyone else. I guess you can say “set apart”. I’ve always been observant of my surroundings, of people, and especially myself. I’ve had a lot of questions, but never the right answers. I’ve always been in tune with my spirit, but have been leading it wrong my whole life. You see, “religion” has never  been new to me. I grew up in a “religious” household. I heard about this God my whole life. Which makes sense that I would rebel against him at a very young age. I was hearing about him, but no one told me who he was, what he could do, and that he could save me. My spirit was so worldly, that I soaked up lies and manipulated the truth. I could sense that something was different, but I just assumed everyone felt this way. I remember sitting in the car on a long drive, just observing everyone passing by. Living their life, how they want. I could see people not busy thinking or observing, but just living. I was a little kid and couldn’t even remember the last time that I just lived and didn’t think about it. I guess the best way to describe it was, I felt trapped in a world that could’nt understand me. I use to see people. Now all I see are spirits in them. I’m in awe of God sometimes. He’s made everyone and everything so different. From every color in the world, from every blade of grass, to all the animals in existence to every spirit individually. How amazing is he? And sometimes I cant help but sit back and think, all these amazing things in the world. All these amazing and powerful people. All these different races, all these wonders, but he still felt like the world needed someone like me. When I started my walk with Christ, things started making sense. I realized that God has been calling me my whole life. I just couldn’t recognize it. As observant as he created me, and I couldn’t see his path for me. As I sit in church or school, I observe all these people God created. And wonder if they know that God has been calling them too? Not every broken road leads to ruin…Some broken roads lead to something completely different. Some lead you to the cross. 

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