Peace not of this world…

Peace. Who knew that one word could be so detrimental to the world today. 2020 and all that has been going on, really makes people believe that this is the worst time in History. But honestly, each moment, past or present, is bad depending on the person living through it.

There was a time where I walked away from God and returned back to my old ways. Picked up a few new bondages as well. All the peace I received in Christ, I had freely handed over. I had no peace left. To me that was the worst time in my life. There was not a single person walking on God’s green earth that could convince me that their situation was worse than mine. Why? A part of me believes its because I was selfish, but I understand now that its because the peace that God gives, this world can’t. (John 14:27) Without God, you will always be searching for completeness, always seeking a way to deal with all this life throws at you.

Have you ever asked yourself why “this” (whatever it is) robbing me of my peace? Why is this relationship, this marriage, this decision, this job, or this moment in time robbing me of peace. I guarantee you the missing factor is Christ. People tend to believe that peace means you have no problems, that everything in life is perfect. But true peace in understanding that no matter how crazy the waves are in the storm, God is in control. That His will for your life out weighs your own. Peace comes with knowing who God is. Knowing that everything (no matter how big) has to bow down to an even bigger God. Peace is knowing that you were never worthy of grace or salvation, but God gave it to you anyways. It’s knowing that if your for Him, He is for you. There is peace in knowing that God didn’t call you to be perfect or have a perfect life, family, or marriage, that where you fall short God makes up the difference. BUT most importantly peace is knowing that one day we will be with Him, and that our salvation is sealed. Nothing can separate us from Him.

People can be living in the worst situations and be full of peace, and there can be people living in the best circumstances and be robbed of theirs. Truth is if the enemy can steal your peace, he can steal your worship. He can take the very thing you were created to do. Think about it. How can you worship Him, when you can’t steady your mind long enough to? Hardships and trials (and all things that rob you of God’s peace) are just a distraction. Don’t submit to them so easily. The enemy can only manipulate and deceive you, he can’t actually take anything from you. Just like he can’t steal your peace, you’re really just giving it away. You’re not helpless. You’re not a victim. You’re not weak minded. That mindset will rob you. “The peace that God gives, this world can’t…” there is just so much peace in knowing that there is NOTHING that God isn’t capable of doing. Talk about a mighty God!

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