A plant with no roots.

Today is going to be different. Usually I start off writing about something that I struggled with and then explain how God spoke to me and revealed what He was teaching me. But today I just want to talk about something I see the church struggling with in general and hopefully you receive the message however God intends you to receive it.

I was talking to a friend of mine earlier at lunch and we were talking about how trials show you where you stand. Not only does it show you were you stand in your faith; it shows where you stand in your trust in God AND in your understanding of who He is.

I am unapologetically big on self-reflection. NOT because I think we are SOMEBODY or anything like that. But because you can fool anyone around you, but you know exactly who you are, and so does God. So, examining yourself DAILY should always be priority in your walk. You should have the desire to line up with God’s word and His will. But you should not only SEE where you don’t line up, you should also CHANGE how you don’t. Through prayer, through fasting, and through His word, you have what you need to do so.

But back to what I was saying about trials. I have a question for you, and I want you to examine yourself right where you’re at. Are you someone who is easily shaken up by ANYTHING to the point where you doubt God and everything around you or can you stand on God despite what you’re facing? I ask this because as believers we talk a big game, we are all faith this and faith that, until it’s time to get on the court and play we suddenly lack the skills and knowledge to play the game.

EVERYONE faces trials and tribulations. Even those who seem like nothing goes wrong and they have it all together…ESPECIALLY them. If you claim to be the church of Christ (whether you really are or not, that’s between you and God) you WILL face trials. But its not about the trial or how hard or how big, its about where you stand after its all said and done. I said that trials show you where you stand in your faith. They do. Faith is COMPLETE TRUST OR CONFIDENCE IN SOMETHING OR SOMEONE. If your lacking faith is because you don’t trust WHO God is. I said that trials show where you stand in your trust in God. Trust is a FIRM BELIEF IN THE REALIABILITY, TRUTH, ABILITY AND STRENGTH OF SOMEONE OR SOMETHING. So, if you don’t trust God in every trial that your facing, you don’t know that He is reliable, trustworthy, able and our strength in every situation. And I said that trials show your understanding in who He is. Understanding is BEING ABLE TO COMPREHEND. If you don’t understand who He is, how can you rely on Him to pull you through? I mean why would you?

I don’t expect people to face trials that are hard and not be fazed by them. I’m not a robot. I have feelings and emotions; I just refuse to let trials dictate my relationship with God. I know who He is and who He has always been in every situation in my life. I know what the bible says about Him and I believe every word. BUT most importantly I know where I stand. You can’t be a plant that’s not rooted, because any wind that comes will always pull you out. You must have roots in Him, so that you can withstand any storm that comes. We are human, we deal with stuff. Hard stuff. But don’t fold with that victim mentality. Face the trials head on, confident that Elohim (God of power and might) is with you. I’ve been standing on Psalms 27: 1-3 lately. It talks about God being our fortress and that anything that comes against us will stumble and fall! I don’t know about you, but God has always been good on His word. He always comes through. Prove a time He hasn’t.

Don’t worry I’ll wait….

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