Is validation important?

If your like everyone else in the world, this question is easily answered. Yes. Who doesn’t want to be liked or accepted? However, i think it all depends on why your seeking validation, and from what.

For me, I desperately wanted validation from my church family, real family and loved ones. I wanted them to know that God changed me. But i soon realized, there was no amount of validation i could receive that would help them forget the old me. No one will ever forget, not even you. So you can can try to get validation, but it wont ever be enough for yourself, or given from who you need it from. See, that’s the funny thing about validation. You get so caught up in trying to prove your different, that you forget the reason you are. For myself, i was forgetting that God is the one who changed me. Hes the one who broke my chains. He looked past my short comings and forgave me. The only thing I did was ask him to get me out of the hole I buried myself in. So yeah, it does feel good when people say, “you have changed so much” or “look at how far you have come.” But always remember who you were, and realize that you would have never gotten that far with out God helping you. Don’t ever forget who calmed your storm. Validation is important, but not from the people around you but from God. He should be the one your trying to prove yourself to. Show him that it was not in vain. That you will try with all your heart to be who he created you to be. People are just people. Its not their fault, but they wont ever be able to see you the way God does. People see all your bad, and can sometimes see the good. God only sees the good, despite all of the bad. If you know that God changed your life, share that with everyone. Tell them of the savior that saves. Tell them about the savior that forgives. Actions speak louder than words, and validation is just another word. Seek Gods approval. That’s the only validation that matters.


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