The devil works too…(no credit given)

Just like God works in your life, the devil works to. And when the enemy is not able to use you, he uses those around you, to try keep you from God’s plan. I wish following Christ was as easy as living in sin, but it is clearly set apart. Don’t be discouraged when those around you tell you that your not good enough to call your self a Christian, they don’t understand the term. Don’t let your faith be shaken when you have a few bad thoughts or the enemy trys to remind you who you were. Don’t speak bad towards others when you feel cornered or attacked, because the enemy is working through them to get to you. It’s not always easy to walk in love but remind yourself of all the times that Christ looked past your short comings and loved you anyways. The devil tends to place you on a pedestal when you claim Christ because he recognizes that he was in all ways perfect. Obviously we are not and all fall short to the glory of God. But its easy for the enemy to put you on that pedestal so that others can call you out when your not completely Christ like. Don’t be discouraged love them anyways. It’s not our job to see whos heart is where, or if they are really being sincere, its our job to love one another and share the good news. The great thing about God is no matter where someone’s heart is, they glorifie God reguardless. People cant always recognize when the devil is working through them, but if its not something God is asking you to do, then its clearly the devil. If your words or actions are not used for building up, then that is not of God. Brothers and sisters of Christ remember the example set before us, remember that we are created an the perfect image. Dont let the devil work through you. Its better to have him working around you than to use you. And for those who tend to put Christians on a pedestal, thanks for thinking so highly of us, but Jesus Christ was the only perfect person to walk the earth. We wont live up to him, but we can try.

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