He is God

“From eternity to eternity I am God. No one can snatch anyone out of my hand. No one can undo what I have done.”

Isaiah 43:13

It’s funny that I came across this scripture today. I was in my mind again, letting the enemy lie to me. Bringing up my past and trying to discourage me. See, I’m not perfect. My walk with God is hard. I have struggled with a lot. After I back slide and God saved me, its been a process to let out all I have let in. God is patient though, and He is molding and shaping me so that one day I will not be easily moved. This scripture reminded me that I am His, and nothing can change that. No one or nothing can undo all that He has done in my life. I struggled in the beginning when I came back to God. I struggled with forgiving myself for all that I had done. For all that I had let take space in my heart and my mind. There are a lot of times that I cried to God and asked Him to do whatever it takes. Break me,  do whatever you have to do, just bring me back to you. All the tears, all the confusion, all the frustration, all the sleepless nights, everything was designed to strengthen me and build me up. I didn’t understand that if I was trying to give God my life, why was I suffering? Why was I not able to get back to where I once was?..because God was answering my prayer. He was breaking me down. Removing the world, and replacing it with the holy spirit and endurance, faith and trust. I cant count the number of times I cried, curled up in a ball in complete darkness feeling like I was praying to empty walls. I asked myself who am I praying to? No one is hearing me. So in order to have faith in my prayers, God started answering them in big ways. Un-doubtable ways. In ways that I knew that God was hearing me. I struggled with faith, but He always put it in my mind, that if I had just a small amount, He could move mountains with it. And ever since, I’ve seen all these mountains in my life being removed. I no longer pray to empty walls, my prayers are being heard and answered by how God best sees fit. I trust God with my life, and all those around me that I love. Because when I didn’t have anything in the world left;but a broken a heart, broken spirit, and a lost soul I gave it to Him. I said I don’t know what you are going to do with it, but just use it for your glory. I believe He has done that. So for anyone struggling with God’s purpose in your life or if you even have one, just know you do. I hope this scripture resignates in your heart. God can fix and do anything in someone who wants to be changed. And I hope on those days where you are completely lost or feeling like you are praying to empty walls,  you always remember that YOU are His and no one can take you from His hands.

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