Prisoner to sin…

I keep thinking about what my pastor, Art, just said this past Sunday at church. He talked about our family curses and the legacy we leave when we are gone. So i guess its safe to say that most of us, our legacy doesn’t really go past our sins. And a lot of us will remain prisoner to that.

Shortly after Sunday service, my brother got locked up. They say he is looking at 99 years. It’s almost like i needed to be at the service Sunday, so God could help me sort through all this. My brother and I are very close. It breaks my heart to know that I might never see him out in the free world again. But it was like God was telling me, that we can remain like everyone else in our family or we can be the one to break that curse. The devil has had a stronghold on my family as far back as i can remember. Up until i started going to church, the only legacy my family really had was drug affiliation/addiction, gang members, drug dealers, sexual abuse, runaways, lost spiritually and mentally and pretty much any other thing you can think up. My family, much like my brother, could never see a way out.

Lord knows how much i want my family to be free of their bondage. I see the enemy holding them back, showing them that they don’t really have a chance in this life. Whatever hardships they face, they really believe that it has power over them. I look at them, and i see the old me. I see those days where i couldn’t see up from down. A prisoner in my own mind and soul. I was lost and i really feel like God had to meet me at my lowest point. I had to have no way out so that way when God freed me, i would know in my heart that It was Christ and not anything that i did.

I pray for my family all the time, and i’m not saying that i know why everything happens the way it does. but i will say that I trust Jesus with my whole heart. I know that only he knows what we need to bring us to Him. This might be what my brother needs to finally be freed of all those bondages. Jesus Christ breaks chains daily, and i will testify to that until the day i die. No matter what the enemy does to discourage my walk, no matter what season i am in or what i face, no matter how many low points i reach God is with me. When i pass away, the legacy i hope to leave behind is a prisoner of sin freed by the grace of God. We are not our sins or our family curses, we are who ever God wants us to be.

“When Jesus heard this, he told them, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor-sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.”

Mark 2:17





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