Changing seasons…

Like the weather changes from hot to cold and the days change from day to night; I change also. These spiritual seasons have taught me so much. When I’m up on my two feet standing for Jesus testifying all the things that he’s done, i feel a completeness that is untouched by any other feeling. And the seasons that bring me to my knees, brings out a need for God’s presence that also can not matched.

I remember times of just being down though. Times when i suffered in silence, and never knew that there was a God that loved me. I remember when God saw me drowning and He saved me. When I talk to God now, He reminds me all the time that he hears my prayers. And he also given me the wisdom to recognize that my low seasons now are not the same low as i was when He saved my life. Not only did he spare me, but redeemed me in the process. I love God because he now allows me to have high and low seasons, but he remains with me. Seasons where i can bring him glory, and seasons where i feel him close to me. The word says that hes close to the broken heart-ed, those crushed in spirit. Which tells me that when i do feel broken down and spiritual drained he is with me. Closer to me than any other time. To me, that’s God’s way of telling me its OK to feel down, that he will never leave me. His word also says in Job 35:15 “but those who suffer He delivers in their suffering; He speaks to them in their affliction. Which tells me that we need to stop focusing on our trials, and try to hear what God is telling us.

So this post is going out to everyone that is in a low season. I know that when you are going through tough times, its hard to keep your focus on the Lord. Its hard to keep your faith and trust in God. You question and wonder if God has forgot about you, or maybe you even you question if you are being punished. I hope in those times were you are surrounded by darkness that you are able to remember that God brings light to the darkness. Its a blessing to be chosen by God, to be used for His purpose. I hope that you are able to remember all the things the lord has delivered you from. That you are able to remember the moment you were drowning and God brought you up for air. When i pray in my darkest moments, i tell God that I don’t care what is happening, just don’t ever leave me. I don’t ever want to live this life without Him. I never want to go back to were he found me. He is all i have. And the same God that is there for me as my seasons change, is the same God who is there for you.  Don’t ever allow the enemy to lie to you and make you believe that He has left you, because His word says He never will. And that is the only thing you should be believing.

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