God goes the distance…

Many may not know that my walk with Christ started over 6 years ago. Some might think that it really has just been this last past year. But I been going through this spiritual walk for over half a decade now. And some might also not know that before all that I didn’t even believe in God altogether. 

I pray for wisdom and understanding daily. And as the scripture says in Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” I still remember times where I prayed for things that are barley happening now. Not because God chose not give them to me, but because His timing is perfect and knew the things i prayed for then, would help my walk now. When I look back at when all of this started I remember being the first one from my immediate family to give this “God thing” a shot. It was hard. I had no support. No spiritual counsel. And i went to a church that you could not become a spiritual family with. The odds were against me. And from the very moment I gave the Lord a chance, the enemy went straight to work making it nearly impossible to continue my walk. And like most I back slid. For the next 5 years, all i did was dig myself in to a hole that nearly took my life. But He never forgot the promises He made me, even when I did. One thing I love most about God is how He redeems you. I love how in your darkest moments, He is right there in the midst ready to forgive and continue to fulfill his purpose for your life. Because even when you think that your won’t ever have use for your life, God will turn it all around. He makes things out of nothing. And those who have nothing to offer, usually bring Him the most glory.

I know I’m not like this amazing person now. God didn’t make me rich or give me everything my heart desired, like some say He will. I don’t have millions of followers or a best selling novel. But He did however, show me what it means to really sacrifice. He showed me what love and forgiveness really mean. What he gave me was much more valuable than money. He gave me hope and a future. Sure, i write a blog dedicated to my journey. But for those who take time to really read these blog posts, if it helps one, I am doing enough. Because God goes the distance for just one. And honestly, everything I lacked in my walk before i back slid, was given to me now that i have matured and decided to stay with God. He gave me the wisdom to recognize all that He has done in and for me. So just imagine all that He will and can do for you.


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