“Fully His”

So, today I started my 30 day devotional. It’s called “Fully His” by Kerry Clarensau. I got it from this past weekends conference that a few of my church family and I went to. I’m really not into devotionals, but I thought i would give this one a try because it incorporates a lot of scripture. Which i believe is really important.

After I read today’s devotional, it asked me to write a little paragraph about how it feels to know that  God knows you completely. I want to give you my short response, but would also like to elaborate.

“I’ve felt so set apart and different from others my whole life. It feels good to know that someone understands me. I’ve struggled with feeling like I never belonged, so i distant myself. It’s comforting to know that someone loves me enough to seek me. It’s the thought of going your whole life never feeling as though you belong, to then realize that you always have. It’s life changing.”

One thing that the Lord has showed me, is the enemy can deceive you into believing one thing, when in all reality it’s the opposite. He does these kind of things to keep you from fulfilling your purpose in God’s will. And for along time I really believed that I had no purpose. That I was too complex and that no one would ever understand me. It caused me to be distant from others, which prevented me from sharing a lot of what the Lord has done and delivered me from. The fact that I now write about my personal relationship with Christ testifies to this, because when you are a distant person you can’t really share these things. Yes, God loves you. No one understands you more than Him. No one is an accident. Don’t let the enemy rob you from what the Lord has given you; Freedom. You’re capable of living and doing all that God has planned, because no one can stop God from doing what He promises. He always finishes what He starts.



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