The valley.

This post is for all those who find themselves at a low point. For the ones who feel like they are alone. This is coming from someone who comes from the same place. I know what it feels like to question circumstances, to be in such despair that you question God. I know what it feels like to pray just to get out of bed. And I know what it feels like to pray just to make it one more day. I even know what it feels like to pray that you no longer have to live another day. 

When I started writing, I said that I would be honest. I said that I was going to make this blog so people can see exactly how I’m building up my relationship with God. But what happened instead was when I would reach these valleys, I stopped writing. The fear of discouraging someone who read these kept me from showing people what this walk is really all about. Truth is, this is the hardest thing I ever did. I lost everything I’ve ever known. Friends, family, a whole life that was all I knew. For the first in my life, I was all in. Ready to give it all up. Why you ask? Because I learned about someone who loves without condition. I learned about what sacrifice really means…you want to talk about giving up everything? How about laying down your own life so that someone like us can be free.

I use to think that being in the valley meant that I just wasn’t where I needed to be. That I wasn’t “myself”. But God taught me that in the lowest valley, comes perseverance and trust. These valleys show me true love. Because when we are crushed in Spirit he is nearer to us. So if it takes a valley to reach God, then leave me here. Because the Lord is what I need. 

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