The Overcoming Christian…

I will never forget what my brother in Christ once said to me at church. Abel aka Buda told me that there are two types of Christians in this world; your everyday christian, and the “overcoming” christian. It made me view my walk totally different ever since that brief but powerful thought. It made me question my self as to what kind of christian I wanted to be.

That statement also sprung up another thought. Do they ever really know which one they are?  I sat back and reflected on the last two years of my life. I sat and thought back to the exact moment I had made up my mind, that I would loose everything for Christ. What I didn’t realize then, was that making up my mind was seemingly easy compared to what I would be facing down the road. God reminded me of all the struggles that I had pleaded to Him to take from me. From addiction, to depression and everything in between. I was literally on a day to day basis with the Lord. The days where I frantically searched for His presence, down to the days where my soul aimlessly wandered the valley. God showed me that I had experienced a lot in this walk, and by His grace overcame them, and by His strength I am here today.  I am a very private person, but any chance that I get to share what is possible in someone who seeks the Lord, I don’t hesitate. I know that I am where I am spiritually because of two reasons. 1). Because the Lord has brought me through, and 2). because He is a savior that saves. He is everything you could ever imagine and so much more than you will ever be able to comprehend.

So, like my brother Abel, I’m asking you the same question. Are you are a christian or are you an “overcoming” christian? I can’t answer that question for you, but I can tell you that if you seek the Lord with all of your soul, He won’t hesitate to show you who He really can be in your life. And one day when you look back on what the Lord has brought you through, you will be able to say with confidence that because of God you are and will always overcome. So for all the believers out there, don’t be scared to ask yourself that question. God bless and may the Lord give you the strength to always overcome.

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