One of the best sermons I ever heard was about Paul and how he was ship wrecked on a small island called Malta. He described it as how I believe a lot of us feel today. Uncertain of the bigger picture. No direction and no understanding of what is to come. He said that he was sure that Paul was cold and lonely. Not only did he almost loose his life getting to this small island, Paul could have died on the island also. He got bit by a poisonous snake. Honestly, it wasn’t looking good for him at all.

But, what that pastor didn’t say, is what most people would naturally think. “If that were me, i’d most likely fall apart.” Paul didn’t loose his faith though. He let the situation he was in, be usable to show God’s glory. He had been through so much, that he could have easily questioned or lost faith in God’s bigger plan. He didn’t. He understood that he had to go through the ship wreck and the trials so that everyone else on that island could be saved. Because in the end, that was the outcome.

God is a strategic God. One who makes no mistakes. We might not recognize our own Malta for what it is.  I’m sure that Paul had questions, but he never had doubt in God. He used his ship wreck and trials as an opportunity to show unshakable faith. Faith that only comes from God and faith that can only come from true surrender to the Lord. Malta can be anything that you are dealing with. Anything that has ship wrecked you. Remember, that God doesn’t make mistakes, that his plans and thinking are so much more higher than ours. So i encourage you to see this situation as a way to show faith in God that brings Him glory. In the end, Paul was provided with all he needed to get off the island and continue with God’s work. Why? Because the Lord is a God who provides…If he got Paul off this Island, I know that He will not only restore your ship wrecked faith, but provide everything you need to get off. Keep the faith my brothers and sisters. Malta is only one destination in all the places God will bring you to. And always remember that its not ever about us, its about all the lost out there that God wants to use us to reach. There’s always a bigger plan, with plenty of different Malta’s…but ALWAYS the same God. I encourage you to read Acts Chapter 27. Especially if you find your self ship wrecked with little faith. God used this story to change peoples perspective on how to view trials. He taught me how to see it as an opportunity to show those around you what kind of God you serve. One who gives you strength to overcome, even when there is nowhere to go.

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