Anti-Christ and Revelation.

Last night my brother in Christ had a bible study online. (Shout to brother Abel Orona from Mighty Fortress House of Praise) He went over the anti-Christ and the book of Revelation. Which in all honesty is rare because not many Pastors are preaching on that these days. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for love, encouragement and knowing that God is with me. But I see a huge problem in the church today. We only speak enough so that our brothers and sisters make it to the next Sunday service. We only encourage them enough, so that they don’t drift farther then they are, but never enough to penetrate a change on where they stand with Christ. I have never been more grateful for those in the body of Christ who teach the Gospel. As I was listening to my brother teach last night, an unsettling feeling came over me. Not because of what he preached on but because I came to the realization of how far I am behind in my knowledge of the Gospel. PLEASE UNDERSTAND I READ THE BIBLE, AND I PRAY FOR SUPER NATURAL UNDERSTANDING, but I NEVER rely on my own understanding. I know that I don’t discipline myself in studying as I should. My desire to know the Gospel is there, but my pursuit of ALL understanding is barely hanging on. So I always pray for confirmation. For the Holy Spirit to lead me to those who could help me. The bible talks about the 5 fold ministry. In Ephesians 4:11-13 it says that “It was he who gave some to be (1) apostles, some to be (2) prophets, some to be (3) evangelists, and some to be (4) pastors and (5) teachers.” Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and BUILD UP the church, THE BODY OF CHRIST. This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we will be MATURE in the Lord, measuring up to the FULL and COMPLETE standard of Christ.” The whole chapter of Ephesians 4 talks about the body fitting together as each part does its own special work so that the WHOLE body is HEALTHY and GROWING and full of love. So I will never front and act like this whole walk comes easy to me. Last night was a very good reminder why we must stay plugged into the body of Christ. We have people appointed to help the church and when we get to a place where we are mature in our faith and walk we can do the work the Lord has prepared us for too. I just hope that you watch this video and my prayer is that the Holy Spirit leads you to ALL understanding. This is not a game folks. We need to stop grabbing at every preacher that makes us feel okay and start seeking preachers that preach truth. I went to bed last night stirred up. And if I can be truly transparent, worried for those who are still lost, for those who say the believe and for the body of Christ being deceived. Like brother Abel said “we are living in the last days.” Prophecy is unfolding but everyone is asleep. Few are on watch or ALERT. If you watch this video and don’t know half of ANY of this stuff he went over, its safe to say that you’re behind (not judging, because I acknowledged that I AM TOO) But the sooner you humble yourself and accept it, the sooner you can start seeking truth. My only advice to you is to start praying for discernment and stop listening to everyone who sounds good. Your salvation depends on it. Love you guys.

God’s people know His voice and the follow! Also feel free to leave a comment about the video if you do end up watching it.

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